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Scott Thomas, PhD, as an independent contractor, and Deborah Zahn, MPH, through Health Management Associates, provide trainings on how to sustain quality improvements that are made in healthcare, public heath, education, social service, and related settings.

Thomas and Zahn have conducted sustainability trainings for staff throughout the country at foundations, county and state government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and academic settings. The trainings range from one-hour introductory presentations to half-day workshops to full day in-depth trainings. In the workshops and in-depth trainings, participants receive a detailed overview of the 12 sustainability factors, conduct a sustainability assessment of current quality improvements projects they are working on, and develop sustainability plans based on that assessment.

The trainings can be tailored to the needs of the client and provided through in-person meetings and webinars. Please contact for more information.

Sustainability clients have included:

  • American Legacy Foundation
  • Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum
  • Columbia University, Division of Community Health
  • Community Health Foundation of Western and Central New York
  • Ingham County Health Department (Lansing, MI)
  • National Initiative for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ)
  • New York State Department of Health, Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
  • New York State Health Foundation
  • New York University, Manhattan Tobacco Cessation Program
  • North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund
  • Primary Care Development Corporation
  • Washington State Department of Health
  • Western New York Grantmakers Association